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Afternoon Tea Party Essentials: The Most Luxurious Tableware Every Afternoon Tea Party Needs

access_time Last updated : 01 February 2019 Home Decor Tips

For most people, the word “afternoon tea” conjures up the image of a decadent hotel feast with luxurious tableware and expensive tea. As intricate as they look, planning your own afternoon tea party can be immensely rewarding, and a great opportunity to impress your guests with your lifestyle know-how.

Afternoon tea party essentials every host needs

Setting up the spread for an afternoon tea party is not a small achievement. Display your fine porcelain. Delight your guests with teaware in intricate motifs and designs. It’s better to set up a plain tablecloth than a printed one as it tends to make the decorations stand out. White or pastel shades with luxurious metallic napkin holders will elevate your afternoon tea experience.

What’s an afternoon tea party without a full tea set? You’ll need high-quality utensils and tableware that will impress. A teapot, coffee pot, tea strainer, and sugar bowl is the basic setup for making your beverage. Sweets and savory treats can be presented on tiered serving trays or serving platters. Dessert plates are a great option too is space is a concern. Specialty butter and jam holders, as well as specific cutlery, is also essential. You’ll also need a milk jug for creamer and linen napkins on standby for any spillages.

If you are looking to host a sophisticated afternoon tea party dripping with elegance and style, read on for the low-down on the key tableware every host needs for a wonderful afternoon tea party.

1. Casacarta Tea Set

Casacarta tea set is pristine white in color and decorated with golden-silver bees. The whimsical design combined with elegance makes it an ideal choice for noon-time tea parties. While it has a delicate look, the set is composed of fine china bone which is resilient and tough. Proudly bring it out and effortlessly add a dose of luxury to your afternoon tea party.


Casacarta bee tea set
Tea Set


2. Casacarta Milk Jug

Handling a milk jug is yet another awkward moment. You don’t want the tea to be too milky nor too black. Casacarta’s fine bone china milk jug is easy to handle and adds a stylish touch to your event. The jug boasts hand applied screen print designs in gold and silver tones on a white background and complements well with other tableware by Casacarta.


Casacarta bee milk jug
Milk Jug


3. Christofle Silver Plated Centrepiece Dish

There must be something in your afternoon tea party that stands out amidst the decorative clutter. Christofle Silver Plated Centerpiece Dish is the perfect choice to present your favorite finger treats. 


Christofle Vertigo Centrepiece Bowl
Silver Plated Centerpiece Dish


4. Christofle Silver Plated Three-Tier Dessert Stand

Are you looking for an outstanding piece that is vogue but brings a cheerful vibe to your afternoon tea party? Christofle Silver Plated Three-Tier Dessert Stand is a befitting choice. Place an array of cream-topped pastries and buttered scones on this elegant three-tiered stand without taking too much space on the table. 


Christofle Silver Plated Three-Tier Dessert Stand
Silver Plated Three-Tier Dessert Stand


5. L’Objet Alchimie Rectangular Platter

L’Objet Alchimie Rectangular Platter in gold is yet another lavish piece to display your sandwiches in a chic way. The platter is carefully crafted from earthenware with fine details and a 24K Gold or Platinum finish. Treasure it for years to come!


L’Objet Alchimie Rectangular Platter
Alchimie Rectangular Platter


6. L’Objet Deco Twist Napkin Jewels Set

It is crucial to notice the little things to bring an instant glow to your afternoon tea party. For instance, a sparkly napkin holder. Plated with gold and platinum, L’Objet Deco Twist Napkin Jewels Set will add an altogether new dimension to your tea-hosting experience. 


L'objet deco twist napkin jewels set of 4
Deco Twist Napkin Jewels Set


Throwing an afternoon tea party with a luxurious touch may seem like a tedious task. However, it is absolutely doable with a set of deluxe chinaware, a splendid table set up with afternoon tea essentials and of course, a pot of warm tea!



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