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The Best Christmas Home Decor Inspirations for a Festive Holiday

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Don’t save your best Christmas home decor for the living room. Let the holiday cheer overflow into every part of your house because when it comes to Christmas home decor, a good rule of thumb is that more is better. Even though there are obvious limitations to this saying, we strongly believe that when you get the chance to incorporate unique holiday details into your Christmas home decor. You definitely should.

Get into the holiday spirit with elegance and style with our carefully curated edit of products and Christmas home decorating ideas.

The Best Christmas Home Decor Inspiration for a Festive Holiday

Start with Your Dinner Table

Make a statement in the heart of your home with our Christmas home decor ideas. The easiest way to test out dramatic holiday decor is on your table. Dress up a dinner party with lush garland, silver candle holders, and wood chargers. For a modern rustic mood, complete each table setting with golden flatware and a sprig of pine. After all, the dining room is where we share meals and connect with our family and friends.


 Christofle 24-Piece Flatware Set In 24 Carat Gold Gilded Meta  Moser Dionys Clear Decanter With Funnel 42 Oz  Michael Aram White Orchid Tapers (Set-Of-2)
Flatware Set In
24-Carat Gold Gilded Metal
Dionys Clear Decanter With Funnel 42 Oz.
Michael Aram
White Orchid Tapers (Set Of 2)


Create a White Winter Wonderland

Whether you incorporate a white fir tree, white Christmas home decor or lots of fake snow to create a winter wonderland in your home. White can make bold classic Christmas colors even more dazzling and festive. Especially, bold pops of red.


Key Scented Candle-White
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Treasure Box White
Horse Bookend-White


Picture Perfect Shelves

Not sure where to start with Christmas decorating? Shelves make a great holiday picture. So don’t be afraid to direct your attention towards organizing them with seasonal cheer. Take this opportunity to inject a bit of holiday flair to your shelves. Whether you choose to mix in a bowl with ornaments, petite tabletop trees, and other holiday accents into your shelves for the ultimate holiday flair, the sky is the limit when it comes to Christmas home decor.


Celestial Bowl
On Stand-Small
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Acrylic Snap Frame-5×5″
Archer Bookends


Add A Personal Touch

Add personality to your Christmas decorating by embracing the classic Christmas color scheme with non-traditional decor by incorporating an unexpected element to your traditional decor. This not only stirs conversation during parties and festive gatherings, but it’s also a great way to add color to the room. Plus it’s easy to do! Who said Christmas home decor had to be hard?


Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Fearless Valet
Red Tray
Michael Aram
Scented Candle
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Infinity Bowl Green


Dress Up Your Small Bites and Drinks

We told you we’ll find a way to incorporate Christmas home decor into every room! So make every detail count. Instead of using plates and coasters, use trays to elevate small bites and drinks. This elevates your table settings and makes everything look more organized. 


Rectangular Platter in Medium-Gold
Sandwich And Cake Tray
Large Silver Plated Round Serving Tray


Be Playful with Colors

While we do love the classic colors typically associated with festive holiday cheer, such as whispers of red, and green. Spice your Christmas home decor up by substituting these classic hues with something more modern. Such as opting for pinks, white, and metallics. By trading in the traditional with a more playful color scheme, your home will be elevated from Christmas wonderland to something more whimsical and magical.


Teo Vase-Large
Heart Nesting Dishes Set Of 3
Octagonal Shagreen Frame


Elevate Your Desserts

Holiday cheer can come in small doses-but still make a great impact. Create a beautiful and well-appointed table with your Christmas home decor by incorporating cake stands in your table setting. Simplistic cake stands can not only elevate your desserts but your whole table too! Plus the variety in height creates a subtle sense of excitement, giving your table setting an interesting layer.


Michael Aram
White Orchid Cake Stand
Silver Plated Three-Tier Dessert Stand
Carrousel 2-Tier Server


Add a Rustic Touch

Following a more modern approach to Christmas home decor, incorporating metallics such as copper, gold or silver can give your home a more luxurious and decadent feel this holiday season.


Ralph Lauren
Leigh Crystal Vase
24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set With
Pink Gold Storage Capsule
Ralph Lauren
Beckbury Silver-Plated Frame


Get inspired by our list of favorite Christmas home decor pieces!

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