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Turn Your Home Into An Oasis With Our Top 5 Natural Home Decor

access_time Last updated : 31 January 2020 Home Decor Tips

No matter how busy and urbanistic our lives are we have an inherent connection to mother nature. Green spaces, raw natural elements and rustic accents have a calming power to unwind us. While it is not always feasible to have a flourishing herb garden flaunting in the backyard or indoor plants in their full bloom in the living room, natural home decor is quite easily attainable.

Turn Your Home Into An Oasis With These 5 Natural Home Decor

Think of earthly tones, nature-inspired details, and sustainable materials. If you wish to incorporate a little bit of natural home decor to get closer to the environment as well as elevate the look, here are our top picks:

1. ANNIEGLASS Leaves Palm Frond Cheese Board

As the temperature begins to rise and the warm breeze blows, you can’t help but plan a spring-themed party to bid farewell to the frosty winters. The leave-shaped cheese board by Annieglass is a perfect statement piece that complements your natural home decor and function as an eye-catching server.

The cheese board is handmade from durable glass tinted in a vibrant green color reminiscent of bountiful palm fronds of Hawaii. The glass platter creates a tropical ambiance. You can either use it as a standalone piece or mix and match with dinnerware from the Annieglass Salt Collection.

Annieglass Leaves Palm Frond Cheese Board
Leaves Palm Frond Cheese Board


2. L’OBJET Cacti Sculpture

Bring the essence of sweeping sand dunes of the deserts and brighten up any space by placing this beautifully crafted cacti sculpture by L’Objet. The decor piece by L’Objet symbolizes the endurance and tenacious strength that succulent plants possess. It is a perfect choice if you are seeking sleek but meaningful details for natural home decor.

The sculpture is handcrafted from fine earthenware and polished immaculately with a mirror glaze finish. The materials used are meant to last generations. To clean the sculpture, gently dust it off with a dry piece of cloth.


L'Objet Cacti Sculpture
Cacti Sculpture
$525.00 – $725.00


3. L’OBJET Bambou Bookrest

Here is a stylish designer piece by L’Objet that combines your love for books with the aspiring passion for natural home decor. Proudly display your favorite read of the month in your study or set it up high on the bookshelf for everyone to see. The Bambou Bookrest by L’Objet is handcrafted from 24k gilded porcelain and select metals.

The gold-toned bamboo canes hold the book securely in its place and even offer a soft glow to the page you are on. It is a must-have accessory if you are a bookaholic (and a member of a prestigious book club!).

L’Objet Bambou Bookrest
Bambou Bookrest


4. AERIN Oak Leaf Objet

Add a whimsical flair to the tabletop with this beautifully crafted Oak Leaf Objet by Aerin. The objet effortlessly brings natural home decor elements to your place with its nature-inspired shapes and tones. According to many beliefs, acorns and oak trees signify longevity, faith, strength, and modesty. When you become aware of what the oak leaf represents along with its singular beauty, it is easy to add it to your earthly space. The objet is meticulously made from textured brass and is paired with a tiger’s eye stone acorn.

Aerin Oak Leaf Objet
Oak Leaf Objet


5. MICHAEL ARAM Butterfly Ginkgo Table Lamp

Michael Aram is known to create thematic, poetic, and one-of-a-kind pieces and this Butterfly Ginkgo Table Lamp is certainly no exception. Create a quaint ambiance and dose up on your natural home decor with this pretty lamp detailed with rustic branches and fluttering butterflies encased in glass and metal.

The lamp is inspired by a tree called Ginkgo Biloba which is native to China. The verdant tree is known for its unique leaves that have a startling resemblance with butterflies. The table lamp by Michael Aram is a gorgeous addition to your natural home decor.

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Table Lamp
Butterfly Ginkgo Table Lamp