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5 Nature Decor That Will Give Your Home A Much-Needed Dose Of Brightness

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Imagine you are in a space with wild surfs raging against the shores, trees gently swaying in the breeze, lake-studded forests, vast meadows, and grass-blanketed hills. Don’t you already feel totally rejuvenated? Sadly, responsibilities knock on the door and you have to go back to daily life which is more than often devoid of greenery and nature. Green spaces tend to keep you happier and healthier. That’s why you need some nature decor in your safe haven. It adds vitality and brightness into your living space and keeps you in high spirits. Take a look at our top picks for nature decor items:

5 Nature Decor That Will Give Your Home A Much-Needed Dose Of Brightness

1. CASACARTA Candle Set – Leaf

Casacarta is noted for its nature-inspired designs and accents, and with this forest-green Black Sun Candle Set, they have not disappointed us. Besides the color, the scent is quite soothing reminding you of a faraway exotic land and verdant ambience. From bedrooms and powder rooms to kitchens and lounges, the nature decor piece is going to fit anywhere in the house. The candle set is hand poured with eco soy wax. Coming to its scent, it has a dark amber fragrance with hints of spicy, woody and earthy notes. The candle is enclosed a green vessel and adorned with 22-carat gold leaf screen print design.

Casacarta Candle Set - Leaf
Candle Set – Leaf


2. ANNIEGLASS Leaves Large Banana Leaf

Escape to the world of tropical colors and laid-back vibes with Annieglass Leaves Large Banana Leaf. The nature decor piece makes a perfect centerpiece for your dining table, coffee table and even the kitchen counters. You can also use the leaf as an eye-catching serving tray that will surely leave your guests impressed and curious. The Leaf is a part of Annieglass’ Leaves collection and comes with a hand-carved studio signature to ensure its authenticity. It is handcrafted from highest-quality glass with a fused rim. The Leaf is designed to be dishwasher safe and is chip-resistance.

Annieglass Leaves Large Banana Leaf
Leaves Large Banana Leaf


3. ANNIEGLASS Ultramarine Clam Sculpture

When it comes to nature decor items, there are a lot of options other than leaves and flowers. While blooms are versatile, you can add a unique touch to your place with this beautiful shell-shaped glass sculpture by Annieglass. The Ultramarine Clam Sculpture is hand crafted from premium grade glass with a metallic rim and studio signature. It boasts a turquoise shade with raised, wavy sides, and true to its name, the shell sculpture is rather calming to eyes. Add a pop of color to the window sill, vanity or the dining space with ANNIEGLASS Ultramarine Clam Sculpture, and instantly boost up the entire room.

Annieglass Ultramarine Clam Sculpture
Ultramarine Clam Sculpture


4. MICHAEL ARAM Botanical Leaf Waste Basket

Who said waste baskets have to dull and boring? Bring life to your space with MICHAEL ARAM Botanical Leaf Waste Basket. The nature decor piece features intricate details inspired from green spaces, eucalyptus, sea grape plant and twisting branches of moonlit trees. The handmade basket has a silver grey metallic finish created after a series of grinding, buffing and polishing techniques. To clean, hand wash it with a mild detergent and immediately dry it with a soft cloth.

Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Waste Basket
Botanical Leaf Waste Basket


5. MICHAEL ARAM White Orchid Photo Frame 4×6

If you wish to display a memorable picture of yourself along with your loved ones, don’t wait any longer and place it on MICHAEL ARAM White Orchid Photo Frame right away. The orchid photo frame is a perfect nature decor item with a personalized touch. It boasts white metallic finish with intricate details that include orchid flowers and branches. It appears as if the flowers are kissed by moonlight and nighttime serenity. The frame is nickel plated and can only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Dry it immediately afterwards.

Michael Aram White Orchid Photo Frame 4x6
White Orchid Photo Frame 4×6