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Tea Sets: 4 Elegant tea sets for the perfect afternoon tea experience

access_time Last updated : 19 March 2019 Misc

Following the bleak season of winter, spring is the prime time to connect with nature and your loved ones. Celebrate spring with these indulgent tea sets that will add a touch of luxury to your afternoon tea experience. However, tea sets that make a statement are necessary for a luxurious teatime affair are not easy to come by. 

4 elegant tea sets for the perfect afternoon tea experience

Read on to discover which one of our best four tea sets is the right one for you.

1. Casacarta Bee Tea Set

Are you planning to throw a lively tea party in your verdant garden flourishing with fresh bulbs and blossoms? Casacarta’s ‘bee-struck’ tea set is what you need.  Made from fine bone china and hand-decorated with gold and silver honey-bees on a pristine white background, Casacarta Bee tea set connects you to nature in its own quaint way. The set includes a delicate teapot, a sugar pot, a milk jug, a tray, a cup, and a saucer.

Casacarta Bee Tea Set
Bee Tea Set

2. Casacarta Evil Eye Tea Set

Among one of our tea sets that is the perfect combination of elegance and durability. The Casacarta Evil Eye tea set features bright blue eyes on a pure white backdrop. The tea set is carefully made up of fine bone china of high quality. Whether it is a fancy afternoon tea party or a casual high-tea on your ever-green rooftop garden, serve tea in style and grace with Casacarta Evil Eye tea set. It comes with a teapot, creamer, sugar pot, a tray, and a dainty cup with saucer.

Casacarta Evil Eye Tea Set
Evil Eye Tea Set

3. Casacarta Sun Tea Set

Here is a splendid tea set from Casacarta if you are keen to throw a sun-drenched afternoon tea party brimming with delicious tidbits and joyful laughter this spring. The tea set is decorated with striking suns in sparkling gold, and if you look closely, the suns will flash you a bright smile. The theme of this sun-kissed tea set goes well with a laid-back and friendly tea party arranged in your gorgeous backyard. Enjoy homemade scones, lemon tarts and coconut-dipped cookies, lazily sip on your tea from a fine and sunny cup and mingle with friends without a care in the world.

Casacarta Sun Tea Set
Sun Tea Set

4. Ralph Lauren Darian Tea Set

Darian Tea Set by Ralph Lauren ticks all the boxes for a traditional tea party with hints of elegance and grace. When you are in a mood to throw a formal high tea and have to take out your best tea sets, the Ralph Lauren Darian Tea Set is a must on your table. Finely made of silver-plated brass and detachable rattan accent handles, the set contains a creamer, teapot, and a sugar cup. You can buy a similar tray as a separate piece to complete your beautiful tea set.

Ralph Lauren Darian Tea Set
Ralph Lauren
Darian Tea Set