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The Making of Christofle Tableware: Discover The Satisfyingly Soothing Way Each Masterpiece from Christofle Is Made

access_time Last updated : 10 June 2019 Designer Stories Table Setting

Founded in 1830, Charles Christofle a Parisian silversmith devoted his talent to creating sophisticated pieces, such as exceptional tableware and stunning home accessories. Since the brand’s founding in the mid-19th century, the name Christofle has become a symbol of luxury and elegance.

We captured the most satisfyingly soothing moments of the handcrafting process below.

1. The start of the creation of any flatware begins with melting down the silver by heating it until it turns into a glowing red.

Heating Silver for making Christofle tableware


2. The molten silver is then carefully hand-poured by a master silversmith into cold water.

Silversmith at Christofle hand pouring molten silver


3. Once the precious material is softened, the forging process can begin.

Silver being poured out for forging process


4. For all of their work, Christofle relies on quality craftsmanship using traditional techniques.

Christofle spoon being moulded into shape


5. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by hand.

Silversmith at Christofle checking silver spoon quality by hand


6. Regarded as “living treasures”, every master silversmith at Christofle is considered the guardian to the brand’s success and heritage.

Christofle dinner fork being shaped by silversmith


7. Each handcrafted piece starts from the personally modified tools that are specifically fashioned to suit the hand of every individual silversmith.

Silversmith hammering details into a silver Christofle Vase


8. At the final stage, every handmade piece is hand-polished to bring out the luster of fine silver.

Polishing Chrsitofle silver serving tray


9. Before each piece is ready to leave the fine silver workshops, a vintage mark is stamped on it as a special hallmark.

Close up on christofle silver plated knife details

Watch how the master silversmiths use traditional techniques to create elegant silverware that transcends time: 


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