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Decorative Vases: 12 Stunning Vases To Keep on Hand This Spring

access_time Last updated : 05 March 2019 Home Decor Tips

Whether glass, ceramic, brass or silver, these vases make a statement on their own. Spring is almost here, and it is the season of utmost joy, vibrant hues, and tranquility. From fresh blooms in the garden to decorative vases on the kitchen window sill, spring calls for you to upgrade your surroundings. Hum a song that feels like springtide, brighten up the dingy corner with a colorful painting and place a couple of sumptuous decorative vases on the table. It won’t take much!

Read on to discover our edit of stunning decorative vases that will breathe life into your home this spring. 

Stunning decorative vases that will elevate your home right now

1. Aerin Textured Gold Large Vase

To celebrate the arrival of the Queen of Seasons, Aerin’s visually striking and distinctive vase is the perfect choice for a corner-piece. The ceramic vase is handcrafted in Italy featuring a chocolate glaze interior and 18k Gold straw finish. Amidst a colorful floral arrangement and a sun-drowned room, one of these gold decorative vases will simply stand out.

Aerin textured gold large vase
Textured Gold Large Vase


2. Aerin Textured Gold Sphere Vase

Neutrally-hued decorative vases against a vivid backdrop have a timeless appeal. That too, with a distinctive shape. Aerin Texture Gold Sphere Vase brings a luxurious vibe to your brightly-colored table-scape. Boasting chocolate glaze interior and 18k Gold straw finish, the textured sphere vase topped with pink blossoms adds a burst of lively patterns and shapes to your home.

Aerin Textured Gold Sphere Vase
Textured Gold Sphere Vase


3. Aerin Amelie Vase

Add a picturesque touch of spring to your kitchen by placing a couple of Aerin Amelie decorative vases on the counter. The green leaves and fresh flowers combined with the earthy shades of this ceramic vase will offer a well-balanced thematic look. The white and gold vase is rimmed with 18k gold and comes in different shapes.

Aerin Amelie Vase
Amelie Vase


4. Aerin Amelie Hourglass Vase

Provide an antique accent to your contemporary space with Aerin Amelie Hourglass Vase. Be it a group of decorative vases or as a standalone piece crowned with red roses, the hourglass vase looks quite opulent. Raise your spring home decor game with this beautiful 18k gold rimmed vase.

Aerin Amelie Hourglass Vase
Amelie Hourglass Vase


5. Christofle Large Metallized Glass Vase

Decorative vases made up of glass paint a luxurious picture when combined with petals and leaves. Christofle Large Metallized Glass Vase is a vase so fine that it will even make your cheapest daisies look radiant. The mouth-blown vase has a double-sided metalized glass with silver and a contemporary round shape.

Christofle Metalized Glass Vase
Large Metallized Glass Vase


6. Michael Aram Bark Vase Polished (Medium)

Strongly reminiscent of nature and earth, there is no better way to celebrate springtime but with a MICHAEL ARAM Bark Vase Polished. The vase is composed of polished aluminum and its design is highly inspired by the intricacies mother earth has to offer. Place tall flowers on this stunning bark-shaped vase.

Michael Aram Bark Vase Polished (Medium)
Michael Aram
Bark Vase Polished (Medium)


7. Ralph Lauren Leigh Crystal Vase

If you are itching to get something truly luxurious this spring, get your hands on RALPH LAUREN decorative vases. Leigh Crystal Vase paints a splendid picture when you place your favorite flowers inside it. It boasts subtle elegance thanks to its hand-cut gleaming facets and a brass accented rim.

Ralph Lauren Leigh Crystal Vase
Ralph Lauren
Leigh Crystal Vase


8. L’Objet Alchimie Large Vase – Platinum

Contrasting with rich greens and bright buds, the silver-stricken Alchimie vase is a wonderful decorative vase for a springtime. The vase is made from fine earthenware and is enhanced by a 24K Platinum finish.

L'Objet Alchimie Platinum Large Vase
Alchimie Large Vase – Platinum


9. L’Objet Alchimie Large Vase – Gold

Bring a dramatic glow to your spring home decor with an Alchimie decorative vase in gold. It is handcrafted with top-quality earthenware and uniquely finished with 24k gold.

L'Objet Alchimie Gold Vase Large
Alchimie Large Vase – Gold


10. L’Objet Cenote Vase – X-Large

One look at Cenote vase and you will find yourself gazing at Tulum’s famously reflective sinkholes and limestone. The decorative vases are carefully handcrafted by applying layered reactive glazes onto fine porcelain. The earthy-colored vase gels well with the pop of spring colors.

L'Objet Cenote Vase X-Large
Cenote Vase – X-Large


11. Prouna Urn Vase

Do you want to welcome spring to your home with a bit of splendor? The Urn decorative vases by Prouna will live up to your expectations. Made from fine bone china, the Italian Carrara Marble vase is detailed with gold finishing and a glorious appearance.

Prouna Azure Urn Vase
Urn Vase


12. Prouna Marble Venice Fog

The tall cylindrical vase features a black and white marble speckled with reactive gold finishing. If you want your fresh flowers to shine, this is the vase you are looking for!

Marble Venice Fog Vase
Marble Venice Fog