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Dinosaur Designs: Unique Handcrafted Resin Jewelry from Australia

access_time Last updated : 17 April 2020 Designer Stories

Based in Sydney, Australia, Dinosaur Designs is a design company known for its quintessential nature-themed pieces which are hand-sculpted with distinctive aesthetics and rich tones. The company is run by Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy who decided to pursue their passion more than three decades ago. Today, they run a successful art school and studio where they, together with their students, work their magic on resin, colors and form.

The duo has launched a range of timeless collectibles over the years that include home-ware objects and statement jewelry pieces deigned to last generations. Some of the popular collections by Dinosaur Designs are Black and White, Rockpool, Rain forest, Lapis Landscape and Riverstone. All the collections reflect the duo’s love for nature which appears in different ways and are often reminiscent of the Australian landscapes.

If you are impressed by their philosophy and iconic designs, we have narrowed down a few pieces by Dinosaur Designs that you must consider decorating your home with.

Take a look:

1. Small Mother of Pearl Dish

Crafted with utmost care and intricate details, the Mother of Pearl Dish by Dinosaur Designs in small size acts as an exquisite decor piece for the interiors of your house. Each dish features a unique swirly pattern and color combination as all the pieces are handmade in Australia. The pearl dish is made from premium quality resin that is designed to be durable and strong. However, make sure to avoid sudden impacts against hard surfaces and contact with hot substances. Wash it with warm and soapy water and restore the shine by rubbing a drop of oil on the dish.

Dinosaur Designs Small Mother of Pearl Dish
Small Mother Of Pearl Dish


2. Stone Servers

Available in a variety of billowing patterns of colors, the stone servers by Dinosaur Designs will make a strong statement when you invite your guests to a party. They are meticulously crafted from high-quality resin and each server has a unique touch to it. The long servers are a part of brand’s Rain forest collection and they come in swirling shades of white, beige, brown, aqua, multi and blue. They are recommended for serving cold food only.

Dinosaur Designs Stone Servers
Stone Servers


3. Atelier Salad Bowl

Display the bowl as a chic centerpiece or use it to serve freshly tossed salad at a party, Atelier Salad Bowl by Dinosaur Design will prove to be a classic addition to your eternally cherished decorative accessories. The combination of moody swirls and vivid hues will instantly brighten up any blank spot in your home. Atelier Salad Bowl is handmade from resin and every piece boasts a distinctive appearance.

Dinosaur Designs Atelier Salad Bowl
Atelier Salad Bowl


4. Medium Ball Bowl

As a part of their Rain forest collection, the Medium Ball Bowl by Dinosaur Design successfully captures the essence of nature which is always bustling with energy and life. The bowls are available in a number of nature-inspired earthly colors such as brown, beige and white. The resin bowls are handcrafted, and each piece is one of its kind. Not only they will look beautiful on the display shelf, the bowls are perfect for enjoying refreshing meals on a warm summer night.

Dinosaur Designs Medium Ball Bowl
Medium Ball Bowl


5. Bold Skipping Stone Vase

If you are looking for a remarkable vase to flaunt your fresh springtime blooms, Bold Skipping Stone Vase by Dinosaur Designs won’t disappoint you. It is draped in a calming icy pink hue and boasts a playful yet artistic shape. Be it on end tables or window sills, the vase will manage to make an impression and catch your guest’s eye. The Skipping Stone Vase is handmade from resin and is a part of Rain forest collection that represents the richness of nature.

Dinosaur Designs Bold Skipping Stone Vase
Bold Skipping Stone Vase


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