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Film Home Decor : 5 Famous Movies You Need to Watch before You Decorate Your Home

access_time Last updated : 05 October 2018 Home Decor Tips

Looking for film home decor inspirations because you’re a movie buff and a lover of interior decorating? Check out our top 5 movie choices that will make a lasting impression on your decorating aesthetics. 

Cinema has a unique power to captivate and carry the audience into the past, present or future – whether it’s the romantic era of the 1920s and 30’s or the rapid growth of our contemporary era.

Check out our top 5 film home decor list that encapsulates 5 distinct eras that will give decorating your home a whole new experience.

1. The Great Gatsby, 2013 

Film home decor inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Falling headfirst into the captivating world of the wealthy. The audience experiences the 1920s through the eyes of Nick Carraway as he arrives in New York City. The film captures the frenzy of movement and the feeling of freedom that dominated the roaring twenties. Like Nick, we are drawn in by the luxurious lifestyle created in a realm of unrestrained decadence and glamour in a postwar world.

The Great Gatsby interior collage for film home decor ideas

Rich hues like red, brown, and gold are seen throughout the entire movie highlighting the glamour and wealth of the Gatsby’s lifestyle. For those who want to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to their life. Redecorating your home with these tones inspired by The Great Gatsby’s film home decor will no doubt add a decadent touch to your home. But be careful!  When matched by itself, reds, browns, and golds can become too overwhelming. It’s best to use them as an accent color paired with either a soft neutral such as beige or a warm yellow.

L'Objet Cinnabar Scented Candle L'Objet Bois D'Or Spice Jewels Michael Aram Gooseberry Pierced Bowl
Cinnabar Scented Candle Bois D’Or Spice Jewels Gooseberry Pierced Bowl


L'Objet Fortuny Orfeo Serving Bowl L'Objet Alchimie Large Vase L'Objet Aegean Soup Plate
Fortuny Orfeo Serving Bowl Alchimie Large Vase Aegean Soup Plate


The Great Gatsby Interior 2 collage for film home decor ideas

We especially love the scene where Gatsby meets Daisy for the first time after many years. Accented with a light splash of pink, the main color story in the scene consists of to white and green. Symbolic of Gatsby’s pure and unrestrained love towards Daisy. Our Great Gatsby film home decor inpired edit below reflects the dreamy and romantic scene.

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Salad Plate AERIN Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box AERIN Amelie Vase
 Butterfly Ginkgo Salad Plate  Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box Amelie Vase


2. The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

Film home decor inspiration: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Stepping into the 1930’s we see the hotel at the height of its glory in 1932.  The sensuality is reflected through the liberal use of delicate pinks and whites. The hotel’s staff are dressed in a deep, rich purple highlighted with a true red that mirrors the passion of the staff and the affluence of the hotel.

As the hotel ages, the color story starts to change with it, transitioning from vibrant youthful shades to muted yellows and browns. Reflecting a different aesthetic but the same an inviting setting with homely air – matching the subdued friendliness of the older Mustafa. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie interior collage for film home decor ideas


3. Amelie, 2001

Film home decor inspiration: Amelie

The tones in Amelie follow a very distinct color palette that is warm and saturated with reds and greens. Amelie was rich in film home decor inspiration as it was with visuals. This is also a very well lit film, where there is darkness the light will follow, no scenes are in complete darkness.

Amelie Movie interior collage for film home decor ideas

The most prominent color:  green, celebrating life and nature, the films main emphasis is growth.  We have curated a list of film home decor that captures Amelie’s lush view of the world around her.

L'Objet Malachite Espresso Cup & Saucer L'Objet Fortuny Ashanti Canister Moser Whisky Double Old Fashioned Glass
Malachite Espresso Cup & Saucer Fortuny Ashanti Canister Whisky Double Old Fashioned Glass
L'Objet Fortuny Peruviano Vase L'Objet Coral Bookend L'Objet Cenote Bowl
Fortuny Peruviano Vase Coral Bookend Cenote Bowl


4. Down with Love, 2003

Film home decor inspiration: Down with Love

Down with love movie home decor inspiration collage

The inside of Barbara Novak’s apartment is over-the-top in all the right ways. Decorated with bright colorful colors and bold modern furniture. If you are looking to add a more feminine touch to your home, the pretty pink apartment has a lot of home decor ideas.  Playful and charming; check out our carefully curated film home decor edit inspired by Barbara’s aesthetic down below.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Snap Frame L'Objet Teo Vase Alexandra Von Furstenberg Fearless Round Nesting Trays in pink
Acrylic Snap Frame  Teo Vase Fearless Round Nesting Trays Set Of 3
Aerin Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box in blush Aerin Corviglia Spice Scented Candle Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame in Blush
Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box Corviglia Spice Scented Candle Classic Shagreen Frame

5. The Intern, 2015

The Intern movie poster

The Intern move home decor inspiration collage

Filmed in the stylish downtown New York. The movie successfully captures the trendy Brooklyn style of Jules Ostin’s home. The contemporary interior contrasts with the brownstones traditional architecture. Creating a classic yet modern mood in her living space. While there are a few bright colors interspersed throughout, the majority of the tones are crisp white, grey and blue. Perfect for those who prefer a neutral color pallet with a chic flair.  For recommendations that embody a timeless design with a modern flair, take a look at our edit of film home decor inspired by The Intern below.

L'Objet Celestial Bowl On Stand Large in gray L'Objet Perlee Deep Bowl in blue L'Objet Alchimie Cereal Bowl in platinum
Celestial Bowl On Stand Perlée Deep Large Bowl Alchimie Cereal Bowl
Aerin Octagonal Shagreen Box Ralph Lauren Ronan 5 Piece Place Setting in navy Michael Aram Black Orchid Canister Large
Octagonal Shagreen Box Ronan Navy 5-Piece Place Setting Black Orchid Canister