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Serax: Meet the Family Business Behind These Timeless Design Pieces

access_time Last updated : 03 July 2020 Designer Stories

Serax is an internationally recognized design company known for its eclectic and minimalist themes. Almost all their products have an interesting element of nature in them with abstract shapes, geometric patterns, nature-inspired colors, whimsical tones, and natural materials. For adventurous souls, the ‘Surreal Escape’ is a wonderful collection with eccentric hues and shapes while those who prefer clean accents and austere tones, Serax’s other collections will live up to the expectations.

Serax Designer Story

Their Story and Partnerships

The design company was founded in 1990 when they collaborated with Peter Arts, a well-known name in the florist design industry. A year down the line, the brand teamed up with Daniel Ost, a renowned Belgian floral artist, and garden architect, who designed ‘The Flower Booth’ for Maison et Objet, a popular French trade fair for interior design. Serax was critically acclaimed and since then, they have joint forces with various designers from all over the globe including Roger van Damme, Ann Van Hoey, Carlo Van Poucke, Nedda, CATHERINE GRANDIDIER and Klijn & Klijn. Apart from their numerous collaborations, Serax has its own in-house team of creative and talented product developers who ensure everything runs smoothly.

If we have piqued your curiosity, take a look at some of our best picks from Serax:

1. Pascale Naessens Tray Pure Wood Round

Crafted from carbonized ash, Pascale Naessens Tray from Serax epitomizes natural materials, organic designs, and purity. The round wooden tray is designed by Pascale Naessens of Serax and is a part of her dinnerware collection called ‘Pure’. The simplistic shape combined with wooden elements and earthly tones represents nature in its finest form. Enjoy a modernistic style and up your cooking game without having to compromise on simplicity and quality.

SERAX Pascale Naessens Tray Pure Wood Round
Pascale Naessens Tray Pure Wood Round

2. Marie Michielssen Vase Earth

Marie Michielssen of Serax brings you a delightful papier-mâché artwork to instantly spruce up any blank spaces in the house. Featuring a traditional design in a nature-inspired ivory hue, the Earth vase perfectly captures simplicity and purity. From displaying vibrant flowers to a minimalist standalone decor piece, SERAX Marie Michielssen Vase Earth definitely makes a statement. The vase is available in two sizes: medium and large.

SERAX Marie Michielssen Vase Earth
Marie Michielssen Vase Earth
$119.00 – $179.00

3. Sergio Herman Cake Stand Black INKU

INKU Cake Stand from Serax is infused with Japanese artistic flair and is reminiscent of nature with its abstract form reminding one of stumbling upon broken shells and fresh blossoms. It is crafted from high-quality stoneware that will last for generations. Painted in a rich black tone, the cake stand flawlessly designed by Sergio Herman will elevate the entire look of the tablescape. It is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large.

SERAX Sergio Herman Cake Stand Black INKU
Sergio Herman Cake Stand Black INKU
$46.00 – $66.00

4. Ann Demeulemeester Universal Glass LEE

Universal Glass LEE series features six unique glasses made from lead-free crystal. Each glass has a defined geometric silhouette as it is mouth-blown and individually polished. The facets and angles on the glasses scatter sparkles of light in an eye-catching manner. Universal LEE Glasses are designed by Ann Demeulemeester of Serax and are clearly reflective of her fashion background. Enhance the vibe of your happy hour with these chic glasses.

SERAX Ann Demeulemeester Universal Glass LEE
Ann Demeulemeester Universal Glass LEE
$57.00 – $58.00

5. Frédérick Gautier Mug Cement

Frédérick Gautier’s Cement Mug is a playful amalgamation of mud and water that sure is going to make a strong statement on your coffee table. The cup is inspired by brutalist architecture and features a similar monolithic and rigid appearance. It is a part of the Searx Stoneware-Earthenware collection designed to pay homage to early inventions and architecture. The interior of the mug is enameled to ensure it is safe to ingest drinks from it. The mug is crafted from cement stoneware and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

SERAX Frédérick Gautier Mug Cement
Frédérick Gautier Mug Cement


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