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Spring Cleaning : 10 Ways To Revitalize Your Home for Spring

access_time Last updated : 01 March 2019 Home Decor Tips

When spring arrives, fresh flowers and tweeting birds bring a new life into our frost-ridden lives. The days of snow shoveling, blankets and down jackets are gone, and it is time to re-energize yourself with the spirit of spring. While you shop for new clothes and shoes to be a part of the springtime, take some time to do spring cleaning of the house. Clean away the dust bunnies, add the colorful sparkle of blossoms and lavishly appoint your bare tables and walls with lush decor.

Here are a few interior decorating tips that will revitalize your home for spring!

10 home decor items To Revitalize Your Home for Spring after your spring cleaning

1. Aerin Classic Shagreen Serving Tray

Clutter-free, simple, and easy on the eyes, that’s what spring cleaning is all about this year. Organize your trinkets, scented candles, and glasses in a shagreen-embossed serving tray by Aerin. It comes in four lovely shades and features voguish brass handles.

Aerin Classic Shagreen Desk Tray
Classic Shagreen Serving Tray


2. L’Objet Crocodile Coaster Set of 4

Spring cleaning calls for a few aesthetic upgrades in your living room. The crocodile-patterned set of four coasters by L’Objet fit the bill. They are made up of brass with 24k gold plating and look quite chic sitting on the coffee table.

L'Objet Crocodile Coasters Set Of 4
Crocodile Coasters Set of 4


3. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Treasure Boxes Rose

When it is time to do spring cleaning, springtime blooms and vivid colors become mandatory. Store your knick-knacks and shiny pretty things in these lovely rose-colored treasure boxes by AVF. They are crafted from high-quality acrylic and comes in three different sizes.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg treasure boxes rose
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Treasure Boxes Rose


4. Casacarta Bee Trunk

Embellished with gold and silver bees, the vintage-luggage by Casacarta adds a warm and neutral touch to your bright and flamboyant spring cleaning decor. It has an antique look with a neat leather trim and stunning stud details.

Casacarta Bee Trunk
Bee Trunk


5. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Tamarind Bowl

Available in ten chromatic colors, these playful tamarind bowls by AVF are an ideal choice for a springtime table decor. As you go on about spring cleaning the house, serve nuts, fruits and candies in these funky tamarind-pod shaped acrylic bowls.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Tamarind Bowl in black
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Acrylic Tamarind Bowl


6. Casacarta Bee Candle Set

Set against a floral wallpaper, the black candle set by Casacarta looks quite divine. The candle set boasts gold and silver bees that gel well with your spring cleaning makeover. What’s more, the exotic spice and its intricate details add a luxurious vibe to the overall look.

Casacarta Candle Bee Set
Bee Candle Set


7. Christofle Metallized Glass Vase in Medium

Open up the windows and let the warm breeze and the chirps of the birds come in during the vigorous spring cleaning session. Bring in some fresh flowers from the garden and prop them inside this double-sided metalized glass vase by Christofle. It is meticulously handcrafted and has mouth-blown glass.

Christofle Metalized Glass Vase
Metallized Glass Vase in Medium


8. Christofle Silver Plated Three-Bowl Snack/Trinket Server

Are you planning to do some spring cleaning of your backyard? Add a glittery dose on the garden table by putting this beautiful trinket server by Christofle. It has three bowls joined together by an asymmetrical Vertigo’s bold motif. The server is plated with silver and offers a lavish look.

Christofle Silver Plated Three Bowl Snack/Trinket Server
Silver Plated Three-Bowl Snack/Trinket Server


9. L’Objet Bambou Bookrest

Are there any books you wish to display after spring cleaning the space? Here is a perfect 24K gilded stage for your most beloved piece made with porcelain bamboo canes. Not only it cradles your favorite book, but also provides a glowing color to your study and bookcase.

L'Objet Bambou Bookrest
Bambou Bookrest


10. L’Objet Snake Bookend Set of 2 in Gold

Talking of studies and books, here is a simply spectacular set of bookends by L’Objet. With their deluxe and intimidating appearance, the snake-shaped bookends rightly subdue the bright hues and your otherwise playful spring cleaning decor.

L'Objet Snake Bookends Set
Snake Bookend Set of 2 in Gold