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Stylish Home Decor: Top 5 Stylish Trends That Will Spice Up Your Living Area

access_time Last updated : 30 November 2018 Home Decor Tips

One of the joys of interior design and decorating is that you can decide to on what to overhaul whenever the mood strikes. For home decor lovers, we curated a list of stylish home decor trends that will spruce up your living area no matter the season.

Read on to discover the top five stylish home decor trends that will transcend time. 

Stylish home decor trends that will spice up your home

Rich Colors

This particular stylish home decor trend isn’t one for the faint-hearted. Equally as daring as using dark-colored walls to make small rooms look bigger. This trend takes the concept up a notch, adding deep moody shades and elegant and decadent accessories to add depth and character to your home, but stopping short of a gothic aesthetic. Think burgundy and navy blue tones matched with decor with pops of metallics to offset the rich tones. 

 Michael Aram Black Orchid Canister Medium  L'objet Fortuny Farnese Bowl Small  Moser Whisky Shot Glass Set-Of-6 Rainbow-Colors
Michael Aram
Black Orchid Canister
Fortuny Farnese Bowl
Whisky Shot Glass
Rainbow Color


Classic Navy

Navy is the big color for this coming season, gentle on the eye yet moody enough to be perfect for any season – you’re going to see it everywhere. Making it one of the top stylish home decor trends. It’s not your typical neutral shade but paired with gold or white will instantly add a timeless feel to any room. With navy as the main color, the key is to keep accessories and decor simple.

 Alexandra Von Furstenberg Votives Blue Candleholder  L'Objet Perlee Eectangular Platter in blue
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Votives Blue Candleholder
Rectangular Platter



Pretty in Pink

Dusty, muted pinks are in vogue for autumn which is a perfect remedy to the usual rusty tones associated to winter, and as it’s such an easy-on-the-eye color it’s simple to incorporate in your home. Adding warmth and color to your home, pink tones will work especially well with metallics, soft grays, and deeper neutrals. If you’re feeling daring, incorporate statement pieces in vibrant pink in your collection of stylish home decor. Or for a more understated look try a more muted pink and mix textures to create more interesting dimensions in your home. 

 L'Objet Teo Oval Large Serving Bowl  Alexandra Von Furstenberg Fearless Cocktail Pink Tray  Christofle Large Porcelain Oval Platter
Teo Oval
Large Serving Bowl
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Fearless Cocktail Pink Tray
Large Porcelain
Oval Platter


Golden Embrace

Although we had gold as a trend a few posts back, it’s still very much here and you’re going to see even more of it. A versatile and flattering stylish home decor trend. Gold is the perfect accent color that packs an impact, but be warned: a little bit goes a long way. 

 Aerin Textured Gold Sphere Vase  L'Objet Han Canister Candle Gold 3 Wick  Ralph Lauren Beckbury Gold Plated Frame
Textured Gold Sphere Vase
Han Canister Candle Gold 3-Wick
Ralph Lauren
Gold-Plated Frame


Pattern Perfection

Let’s talk about patterns. Playful and full of color, this stylish home decor trend is certainly a happy one. Look out for bold shades in different shapes such as marble, geometrical, dots and squares and you can’t go wrong. Mix and match it all together and you’ll have hit this trend on the nail. The key is to mix and match graphic shapes and bold colors. Be confident with your choices and don’t be afraid of clashes. The only rule is to keep it modern.

 L'Objet Tribal Diamond Collar Vase X-Large  Prouna Jewelry Box
Tribal Diamond
Collar Vase- X-Large
Jewelry box