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Photo Frames: A Guide On How to Frame Your Precious Moments with Our Top 8 Frames

access_time Last updated : 15 February 2019 Home Decor Tips

Offering a decorative boundary for a beautiful memory, a photo frame is just as important as the picture it supports. Yet, it is often overlooked. People focus more on capturing a perfect moment rather than working on its outlines. However, photo frames definitely play a vital role in drawing the viewer’s attention to the picture. When you lovingly exchanged vows, the moment your child smiled for the first time and your very first vacation after the baby – All those years hung on the wall ready to take you back in the beautifully-preserved past.

From enhancing your images to protecting them from dust and dents, photo frames offer a lot more than taking up space. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most out of your photo frames.

How to create a timeless image gallery with photo frames

1. Michael Aram White Orchid Photo Frame 4×6

The Michael Aram White Orchid photo frame highlights your most-cherished moments in an elegant manner. The frame has an anti-tarnish lacquer coating on sterling silver that will keep it in a perfect condition with no signs of wear and tear. Thanks to its easel stand, you can place the frames neatly in the corner of an end table or a console.

Michael Aram White Orchid Photo Frame 4x6
Michael Aram
White Orchid Photo Frame 4×6


2. Aerin Camille Frame

Breathe new life into your old but treasured pictures by displaying them in this Aerin Camille frame. The frame is made up of cream enamel and a graceful brass plated edging, this clean and contemporary design ideal for nightstands.

Aerin Camille Frame
Camille Frame


3. Michael Aram Reflective Photo Frame

From bubbling streams to raging waves of the ocean, there is something mesmerizing and calming about aquatic imagery. Bring your favorite photos to life by displaying them on MICHAEL ARAM Reflective Photo Frame. The nickel-plated photo frames are a part of their Lotus Collection handmade through a laborious process.

Michael Aram reflective photo frame
Michael Aram
Reflective Photo Frame


4. Michael Aram Heart Photo Frame

The family picture wall in your home piques the curiosity of your guests. They can’t help but stop in their tracks and take a long look. It is one of the ways to get to know you better. Mount your loved one’s pictures in MICHAEL ARAM Heart Photo Frame to express your affection. Available in three sizes, the nickel-plated photo frames feature carefully hand-forged and cut hearts.

Michael Aram Heart Photo Frame
Michael Aram
Heart Photo Frame


5. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Snap Frame

Do you have a bare rack or a divider that could use a nice dose of color? Brighten up a dull room with the wonderful past and vibrant photo frames by Alexandra Von Furstenberg. The frames are made from acrylic and lined up with 2 small magnets. They are ideal to portray your best Instagram photos and throwback-Thursday worthy snaps.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Snap Frame
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Acrylic Snap Frame


6. Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame 

Add a luxurious touch to your formal living room by placing a picture or a work of art in a couple of these photo frames by Aerin. The frames boast a texture of embossed shagreen with a suede lining and polished brass details.

Aerin Classic Shagreen Frame in Blush
Classic Shagreen Frame in Blush

7. Aerin Shagreen Heart Frame 

Showcase the photo of your valentine in this beautiful heart-shaped frame by Aerin. Featuring embossed shagreen, brass rim, and suede lining, the textured frame will fit well on your vanity and chest. Moreover, it makes a perfect gift to a loved one.

Aerin Shagreen Heart Frame
Shagreen Heart Frame


8. L’Objet Fortuny Papiro Frame

Highly inspired by the artisans of Venice and the legendary fashion and textile designer, Mariano Fortuny, L’Objet’s Fortuny box collection includes Fortuny Papiro photo frames. The 24k gold plated frames have a stylish design with classic suede lining and beveled glass in front. From your bedroom to your lounge, the frames are perfect for displaying your keepsake photos.

L'Objet Fortuny Papiro Frame
Fortuny Papiro Frame