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8 Romantic Smelling Valentine’s Day Candles

access_time Last updated : 15 January 2021 Home Decor Tips

On Valentine’s Day, romantic gestures and passionate sparks can vary for all of us ranging from intimate dinners to Netflix and chill. But… there is one thing we can all agree on – that the scented candles do absolute wonders in setting up a seductive ambiance.

8 Romantic Smelling Valentine's Day Candle

Here are our top picks for Valentine’s Day candles:

1. AERIN Monserrate Rose 6.7oz Candle

Roses complement the most romantic day of the year and when the fragrance of these intoxicating flowers intensifies, it can set the mood for the evening just right. Look no further than Monserrate Rose Candle for an idyllic Valentine’s Day candle for a sumptuous ambiance. Inspired by the palatial Park and Palace of Monserrate, the candle infuses the air with roses and strong hints of sandalwood and bamboo. The cream candle is encased in a glass vessel.

AERIN Monserrate Rose 6.7oz Candle
Monserrate Rose 6.7oz Candle


2. AERIN Uzes Tuberose 6.7oz Candle

Place Uzes Tuberose Candle in any corner and permeate the ambiance of your sanctuary with rich lactonic notes of tuberose and sharp hints of fruity apricot and spicy cloves. The Valentine’s Day candle from Aerin emits a warm glow and the luxurious scent will slowly envelope all your senses. The candle is presented in a delightfully floral packaging that makes a great present.

AERIN Uzes Tuberose 6.7oz Candle
Uzes Tuberose 6.7oz Candle


3. MICHAEL ARAM Garland Scented Candle

Garland Scented Candle from Michael Aram is an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day due to its regal details and exquisite fragrance. The soy candle is a divine blend of jasmine, honeysuckle, and melon with subtle musky notes that will surely allow you to rediscover your passion. The cream-colored candle is placed in a glass jar covered with a beautifully detailed lid boasting nickel-plated floral designs.

MICHAEL ARAM Garland Scented Candle
Garland Scented Candle

4. VISTA ALEGRE Maya Scented Candle

Sleek and subtle, Maya Scented Candle evokes a sultry aura with its soft glow and sybaritic scent. The candle is nestled in a porcelain body embossed with a simple yet graceful texture. Light up this Valentine’s Day from Vista Alegre and bask in its glow and affection of your valentine.

VISTA ALEGRE Maya Scented Candle
Maya Scented Candle


5. KOSTA BODA Small Black Contrast – Blushing Pink

Create a sensuous ambiance with this Valentine’s Day candle from Kosta Boda with its stunningly bold design and exotic scent. From sweet florals and lush fruity tones to woodsy hints – the fragrance is catching. The high-quality candle is composed of soy-blend wax enclosed in a crystal bowl boasting contrasting shades and patterns. It has a long burn time of approximately 60 hours.

KOSTA BODA Small Black Contrast - Blushing Pink
Small Black Contrast – Blushing Pink

6. L’OBJET Mamounia No.28 Candle

Bring a little bit of exotic nostalgia to your romantic evening and fill up the room with the balmy aromas of a Moroccan spring with Mamounia No.28 Candle from L’Objet. The luxurious Valentine’s Day candle teases your senses with hints of adventures that are yet to come for the two of you with its rosy essence, exquisite spices, and the heady scents of tanned leather and cedar boxes. The case is crafted from Limoges Porcelain and the lid is made from brass.

L'OBJET Mamounia No.28 Candle
Mamounia No.28 Candle


7. L’OBJET Crocodile Scented Candle

Masculine and musky, Crocodile Scented Candle from L’Objet makes a wonderfully sensual Valentine’s Day candle as well as a perfect keepsake gift. The candle belongs to L’Objet’s handcrafted collection boasting deluxe details including a crocodile-patterned top, 24K gold crocodile, and beautiful pink champagne scented candle. Its burn time is about 35 hours.

L'OBJET Crocodile Scented Candle
Crocodile Scented Candle


8. BACCARAT Rouge 540 Candle

Glam up your haven to commemorate a special night with Rouge 540 Candle by Baccarat. It is a collection of 5 tealights with a timeless design of faceted crystal that reflect off the flickering flames in an enchanting manner. The candles are perfumed lightly and are encased in a crystal candle holder.

BACCARAT Rouge 540 Candle
Rouge 540 Candle


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