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Work From Home Decor Trends That Will Continue Into Late 2021

access_time Last updated : 09 April 2021 Home Decor Tips

2020 was a strange year for all of us… The unexpected happened. We found ourselves locked in our own cocoons working from home. 2021 seems to be going in the same flow. However, we have embraced the change and put up an effort to revamp our in-home workstations. Work from home decor adds a little bit of much-needed glamour to your day, allowing you to enjoy the new normal.

Work From Home Decor Trends That Will Continue Into Late 2021

Inspire productivity, maximize creativity, and get down to work in your most favorite work spot in style. Here are some swanky items for work from home decor that can help you set up a desirable and chic home office that you will absolutely love:

1. VISTA ALEGRE Butterfly Parade Pencil Holder

Keep your work desk organized and neat while splashing a generous dose of glitzy charm with Butterfly Parade Pencil Holder from Vista Alegre. The pencil holder is crafted from premium quality porcelain and features a parade of colorful butterflies fluttering about. The rim is gold-toned which gives it an elegant touch. The holder ensures that you never fumble around for a pen again, and at the same time, it gives your space a professional vibe.

VISTA ALEGRE Butterfly Parade Pencil Holder
Butterfly Parade Pencil Holder


2. RALPH LAUREN Brennan Mouse Pad

Understated and utterly masculine, the Brennan Mouse Pad from Ralph Lauren enhances the functionality of your in-home office with a subtly luxurious feel. It is ergonomic and practical, making your workday easy and productive. The mouse pad is handcrafted by artisans from fine-grain calfskin and finished off with equestrian-inspired hand-stitching. It comes inside the signature box embossed with the ‘Ralph Lauren’ logo making it a perfect present as a work from home decor piece. It is available in several shades.

RALPH LAUREN Brennan Mouse Pad
Brennan Mouse Pad


3. MATCH PEWTER Sugar Packet / Business Card Holder

When choosing work from home decor, you surely need an inspiring quote to make you want to buckle down and get to business. Sugar Packet / Business Card Holder from Match Pewter serves the purpose. Either store your business cards in style or keep some sugar sachets ready for tea break – the choice is yours!

MATCH PEWTER Sugar Packet and Business Card Holder
Sugar Packet / Business Card Holder


4. L’OBJET Lito Letter Opener

Get creative and bring a little bit of surrealism to the work tablescape with this uniquely designed Lito Letter Opener from L’OBJET. The work from home decor piece is symbolic and spiritual, acting as a ‘talisman’ of good luck. The ‘eye’ symbol adds a pop of color with a dash of whimsy. Never have a bad day at work again!

L'OBJET Lito Letter Opener
Lito Letter Opener


5. BACCARAT Louxor Pencil Holder

Glam up an ordinary work desk with this meticulously crafted Louxor Pencil Holder from Baccarat. Made from a pure crystal in clear and black, this exquisite work from home decor item offers a professional and lavish setup for work. The holder keeps your desk clean organized as well.

BACCARAT Louxor Pencil Holder
Louxor Pencil Holder
$200.00 – $240.00


6. L’OBJET Lito Paperweight

Accessorize your work table with a colorful quirk, symbolism, and spirituality through Lito Paperweight from L’OBJET. The eye-shaped paperweight is made from Limoges Porcelain with deluxe 24-karat gold plating and resin details. Bright, elegant, and talismanic, the paperweight from L’OBJET will increase focus and concentration.

L'OBJET Lito Paperweight
Lito Paperweight


7. BACCARAT Harcourt Clock Abysse

Does the time seem to be stuck on a tiring day at work? With Baccarat’s Harcourt Clock Abysse, time will seem to fly as you productively type and call away. Made from crystal with an eye-catching geometric silhouette, the clock is a work of art that acts as a functional and beautiful work from home decor piece.

BACCARAT Harcourt Clock Abysse
Harcourt Clock Abysse


8. BACCARAT Rigot Man

Brighten up your bookshelf in an artistic manner with Rigot Man Bookends from Baccarat. The work from home decor piece is made of crystal and represents romance and separation beautifully.

Rigot Man