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Year of the Pig: Top 10 Pink Home Accessories and Décor

access_time Last updated : 25 January 2019 Home Decor Tips

The Year of the Pig is finally upon us. Based on the Chinese zodiac system, pigs are the last of the twelve animals who have a year attributed to them. Those born on the Year of the Pig are attributed with good fortune and the will to enjoy life, and 2019 should be no different.

Top 10 home accessories and decor to welcome the Year of the Pig

The Chinese zodiac system is based on a 12-year cycle, with each year dedicated to a different animal, and each animal has certain traits and attributes that affect the year. The year 2019 is the year of the Pig, and as far as Chinese culture goes, pigs are the symbol of wealth.

If you’re looking to elevate your home décor game then this is the time to do so. Guided by the good luck and pink spotlight afforded by the Year of the Pig – we bring you the top 10 accessories that will ensure you experience a year filled with fortuity.


1. AVF Candy Bowls Cotton Candy Pink

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with an eye-catching pop of pink. The perfect presentation to put in front of your guests, this beautiful candy bowl by Alexandra Von Furstenberg is the ideal tabletop design. Enhanced by a charming shade of pink hue, this acrylic beauty is bound to add significant appeal to your lounge area. 


Alexandra Von Furstenberg Cotton Candy Pink Candy Bowl
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Cotton Candy Pink Candy Bowls


2. Aerin Modern Shagreen Desk Tray

Welcome the Year of the Pig with an impeccable blend of organization and flair. This modern desk tray by Aerin is an essential tool to systemize your workplace or residence. The embossed Shagreen pattern adds to its fine minimalistic look, while the brass handles add just the right amount of extravagance to brighten your guest table, office desk or vanity.


Aerin Modern Shagreen Desk Tray in Blush
Modern Shagreen Desk Tray


3. Aerin Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box 

Since the year of the pig symbolizes wealth, your jewelry requires a box as stunning to match its fine look and appeal. This is where this blush pink jewelry box from Aerin comes in. With a textured Shagreen finish adding to its appeal, the jewelry box offers secure storage for your ornaments. The sleek brass finish and suede lining round up this fabulous piece which is a must-have for your vanity.


Aerin Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box in Blush
Modern Shagreen Jewelry Box


4. AVF Fearless Cocktail Pink Tray

Serve your guests in style with this superior acrylic tray by Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Made in the hue of light pink, this tray adds to the color of the atmosphere whether used as a cocktail serving tray or to simply complement the desk. 


Alexandra Von Furstenberg Fearless Cocktail Pink Tray
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Pink Fearless Cocktail Pink Tray


5. Christofle Set of 5 Porcelain Pieces

The symbolism behind the year of the pig can extend to your dining table. This complete dinner set by Christofle features finely crafted 5 porcelain pieces that include 4 varying plates and 1 tea-cup. The delicacy of porcelain is further enhanced by a subtle cherry pattern that adds to the appeal of any meal. This is a must-have attraction at the core of your dining table. 


Christofle Set of 5 Porcelain Pieces
Set of 5 Porcelain Pieces


6. Christofle Porcelain Rimmed Soup Plate

Following up from the dinner set, this soup plate is another quality addition to Christofle’s porcelain offerings. The large modern design seamlessly integrates with any salads and soups you are looking to relish for supper.


Christofle porcelain rimmed soup plate
Porcelain Rimmed-Soup Plate


7. L’Objet Teo Oval Large Serving Bowl

A reminiscence of the yesteryears craftsmanship, this serving bowl from L’Objet is a piece of fine earthenware that adds the much-needed vivacity to your dining table. The piece is further elevated by its hand-painted details that add to the appeal. The perfect piece to welcome in good fortune for the year of the pig. 


 L'Objet Teo Oval Large Serving Bowl
Teo Oval Large Serving Bowl


8. L’Objet Teo Vase 

Another one of L’objet’s finely crafted earthenware, this vase is crafted in a traditional cylinder-shaped design. A gracious reminder of the Yucatan craftsmanship, the exterior features embossed dots to complement the antique appearance further.


L'Objet Teo Vase
Teo Vase


9. Prouna Jewelry Box

How often do you come across an exquisite piece of vanity box that offers a three compartment feasibility and high-end styling? Well, this jewelry box from Prouna offers both. Drawing inspiration from the revered marble from Carrara, the fine bone china and rich marble design is sure to appeal to your elite taste. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this box is the perfect gift to start off the Year of the Pig. 


Prouna marble collection chianti jewelry box
Jewelry Box


10. Prouna Cylinder Mug

Another high-end bone china addition to your kitchen, the cylinder mug takes on the conventional mug design and adds substantial visual appeal by incorporating the much-adorned marble design pattern. Not to miss is the deluxe 24K gold detailing which is sure to turn some heads as you sip on your coffee. Who says you have to make big changes to welcome the good luck and pink spotlight afforded by the Year of the Pig? The little details count too! 


Prouna Marble Collection Chianti Mug
Cylinder Mug


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