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Zanetto: The Most Precious Italian Home Decor & Tableware

access_time Last updated : 15 May 2020 Designer Stories

Zanetto is an Italy-based luxury design company that creates fine home decor objects and tableware solely from noble metals. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted from special techniques and features intricate details which are unique to it.

Zanetto designer story

The design company believes in manual creations and artisanship with an unwavering tradition of handmaking each and every object. Zanetto also follows a Japanese philosophy called Kintsugi, the art of repairing of objects with metals. Instead of throwing away a treasured item, Zanetto encourages its clientele to cherish it forever.


Zanetto Designs was founded in 1963 in Padua, an artistic city in Veneto, Italy. The company started out as a workshop led by seasoned silversmiths who created beautiful ornate pieces and decorative objects for household from fine metals. Like today, the company mainly used silver, brass, copper, and bronze.

Zanetto’s history and values are intriguing and you may find yourself wondering about it. Here are a few select pieces from Zanetto that you can easily incorporate in your home.

1. Bowl Aichi

As a centerpiece, Aichi bowl from Zanetto spectacularly elevates the appearance of the room. Be it a part of a tablescape or as a solo decor piece, the bowl makes a stylish statement in all sorts of settings. Aichi bowl follows the brand’s philosophy of Kintsugi and boasts a patchwork-style metal sewed on to its bronze and brass surface. The sewn copper patch provides a striking and unique touch and blends well with the rest of intentional nicks and chips on the item. Each bowl is handcrafted in Italy and may have variations. Aichi bowl is available in two sizes: small and medium.

ZANETTO Bowl Aichi
Bowl Aichi
$390.00 – $550.00


2. Bowl Filicudi

The circular Filicudi bowl from Zanetto boasts a magical play of monochromatic colors and metallic sheen. Made in Italy, the bowl is crafted from bronze with a specific hammering method and has been immaculately burnished and finished. Filicudi bowl has a large round mouth that rests on a smaller pedestal. The interior of the bowl has a mirror-like metallic shine. The modern, eclectic piece has a rustic vibe lending you more freedom as you decorate your home in a way you wish.

ZANETTO Bowl Filicudi
Bowl Filicudi


3. Breakfast Set 4 Pieces Ebony

The four-piece coffee set from Zanetto is designed to instantly brighten up your mornings and late coffee hours. The silver-plated set consists of a rectangular tray, creamer, sugar box, and a spoon. The set is manually crafted and hammered, and boasts clean accents. It adds a sophisticated and crisp look to the tablescape and is highly functional. Have breakfasts and brunches in style with this beautiful Ebony breakfast set from Zanetto. Ebony Breakfast Set from Zanetto also makes a wonderful housewarming present for a loved one.

ZANETTO Breakfast Set 4 Pieces Ebony
Breakfast Set 4 Pieces Ebony


4. Candlestick-Vase Madurai

Madurai from Zanetto has a versatile design that allows you to use it a striking candlestick or simply as a vase. Handcrafted and hammered in Italy, the candlestick-vase flaunts a captivating polished and textured appearance. If you are looking for a symbolic decor piece with clean lines and contemporary vibe for your home, Candlestick-Vase Madurai from ZANETTO is a must-have to spruce up a bland space.

ZANETTO Candlestick-Vase Madurai
Candlestick-Vase Madurai
$415.00 – $480.00


5. Bowl 56

Bowl 56 from Zanetto comes in a rich orange shade designed to make your interiors look impeccably stylish and chic. It has a luminous interior with a riveting glow and a burnished orange exterior with a blush-tinged touch of copper. The bowl is handcrafted entirely from copper by artisans in Italy. Revamp your home with this eclectic and versatile ornament or give it as a present to someone who truly knows how to enjoy luxurious home decor objects.

ZANETTO Bowl 56 in Orange
Bowl 56 in Orange


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