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*Bridal Shower Exclusive Offer - 20% off ALL PRODUCTS - BEABRIDE, till 22 Aug* Sustainably handcrafted in California, Annieglass blends time-honored handcraft with modern innovations, making each piece a gift that will last a lifetime.


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Annie Glass Ruffle Square Server
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Square Server
Annie Glass Mod Gold Oval Server
ANNIEGLASS Mod Gold Oval Server
Annie Glass Mod Silver Oval Server
ANNIEGLASS Mod Silver Oval Server
Annie Glass Mod Gold Rounded Server
ANNIEGLASS Mod Gold Rounded Server
Annie Glass Ruffle Bread Basket
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Bread Basket
Annie Glass Handkerchief Votive
ANNIEGLASS Handkerchief Votive
Annie Glass Edgey Pedestal Stand
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Pedestal Stand
Annie Glass Ruffle Petit Four Stand
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Petit Four Stand
Annie Glass Edgey Gold Cheese Board
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Gold Cheese Board
Annie Glass Mod Gold Cheese Board
ANNIEGLASS Mod Gold Cheese Board
Annie Glass Mod Silver Cheese Board
ANNIEGLASS Mod Silver Cheese Board
Annie Glass Roman Antique Large Oval Platter
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Large Oval Platter
Annie Glass Ruffle Gold Oval Platter
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Gold Oval Platter
Annie Glass Judaica Challah Platter
ANNIEGLASS Judaica Challah Platter
Annie Glass Leaves Large Banana Leaf
ANNIEGLASS Leaves Large Banana Leaf
Annie Glass Mod Large Oval Platter
ANNIEGLASS Mod Large Oval Platter
Annie Glass Ultramarine Nautilus
ANNIEGLASS Ultramarine Nautilus
Annie Glass Heart Medium Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Heart Medium Bowl
Annie Glass Heart Small Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Heart Small Bowl
Annie Glass Edgey Soup Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Soup Bowl
Annie Glass Edgey Round Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Round Bowl
Annie Glass Edgey Four Point Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Four Point Bowl
Annie Glass Edgey Trophy Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Edgey Trophy Bowl
Annie Glass Ruffle Bowl
Annie Glass Roman Antique Wok Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Roman Antique Wok Bowl
Annie Glass Ruffle Soup Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Soup Bowl
Annie Glass Ruffle Heart Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Heart Bowl
Annie Glass Ruffle Large Salad Bowl
ANNIEGLASS Ruffle Large Salad Bowl