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Christofle has infused each era with a new art of living with their continuous innovative force. Each piece tells its own story and makes an impression.


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Christofle Porcelain Dinner Plate Pink
CHRISTOFLE Porcelain Dinner Plate
Christofle Porcelain Bread Plate Pink
CHRISTOFLE Porcelain Bread Plate
Christofle Porcelain Underplate Pink
CHRISTOFLE Porcelain Underplate
Christofle Silver Plated Water Pitcher Sliver
CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Water Pitcher
Christofle Silver Plated Sugar Bowl Sliver
CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Sugar Bowl
Christofle Porcelain Salad Bowl Pink
CHRISTOFLE Porcelain Salad Bowl
Christofle Porcelain Bowl Pink
CHRISTOFLE Porcelain Bowl
Christofle Silver Plated Ice Bucket Sliver
CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Ice Bucket
Christofle Silver Plated Ice Tongs Sliver
CHRISTOFLE Silver Plated Ice Tongs