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L’OBJET aspires to offer designs for the home that are both luxurious and functional with a commitment to artistic integrity and material innovation.
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$ 0 $ 1795
L'OBJET Teo Vase
L'OBJET Tribal Diamond Vase
L'OBJET Deco Twist Frame
Elephant Candle
2 colors
L'OBJET Elephant Candle
Corde Charger
3 colors
L'OBJET Corde Charger
Corde Wide Rim Charger
3 colors
Corde Soup Plate
3 colors
L'OBJET Corde Soup Plate
Corde Oval Platter - Small
3 colors
Corde Oval Platter - Large
3 colors
Corde Dinner Plate
3 colors
L'OBJET Corde Dinner Plate
Corde Dessert Plate
3 colors
L'OBJET Corde Dessert Plate
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