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Tina Frey

Discover the beautifully unique collection of tableware and home accessories crafted from resin by Tina Frey Designs.
Tina Frey


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Purist Large Tray
3 colors
TINA FREY Purist Large Tray
Tina Frey Macaroni Sculpture
2 colors
TINA FREY Macaroni Sculpture
Tina Frey Wastebasket
3 colors
TINA FREY Wastebasket
Tina Frey Medium Salad Servers
2 colors
TINA FREY Medium Salad Servers
Tina Frey Small Olive Spoon
2 colors
TINA FREY Small Olive Spoon
Tina Frey Coasters
2 colors
TINA FREY Coasters
Tina Frey Deep Cookie Dish
3 colors
TINA FREY Deep Cookie Dish
Tina Frey Water Bath Paper Towel Tray
3 colors
Tina Frey Water Bath Vanity Tray
3 colors
TINA FREY Water Bath Vanity Tray
Tina Frey Water Bath Square Cup
3 colors
TINA FREY Water Bath Square Cup
Tina Frey Water Bath Soap Dispenser
3 colors
TINA FREY Water Bath Soap Dispenser
Tina Frey Water Bath Lidded Box
3 colors
TINA FREY Water Bath Lidded Box